Investigating below-ground mycorrhizal fungi for landscape restoration in highlands miombo woodlands of Burundi

Chabi Bogo Taïbatou
Chabi Bogo Taïbatou
Buhunyuza and Isale Provinces, Burundi, Central eastern Africa
project abstract

The project is titled "Study of Underground Mycorrhizal Fungi for Landscape Restoration in the Miombo Highlands of Burundi.”. The project aims to generate high-quality data on the belowground diversity of ectomycorrhizal fungi in miombo forests. Sampling will be conducted precisely in the provinces of Buhunnyuza and Isale. Fieldwork will include various tasks such as collecting soil and root samples and conducting surveys of planters. All of this work will be documented using GoPro cameras. A soil subsample will be utilized for DNA metabarcoding, while another will be used to assess AMF spore density and abundance. Soil subsamples will be stored at -80°C until we begin lab work. Fine root samples will be sampled and preserved in ethanol to document and illustrate ECM dependency ratios. Project outputs will elucidate the links between native trees and the diversity of ECM fungi and will support the efforts of local communities to restore the landscape from these native forest species.

Photo by Mika R on Unsplash