In collaboration with researchers, campaigners and local communities, SPUN aims to accelerate efforts to protect underground ecosystems largely absent from biodiversity and climate agendas

SPUN team at a protest

Science Associates

Looking for an internship or collaborator in your region? Internship in a specific ecosystem? Need some expertise with a specific biome? Discover our network of science associates here.

Are you a researcher who is already sampling or monitoring soil plots? Do you want to help contribute to open-source mycorrhizal maps across the Earth?

Science Associates


Young people are demanding urgent climate action,

and want to participate in the decision-making processes that impact their futures. SPUN YOUTH works to amplify young voices to protect underground ecosystems.

SPUN Youth at a protestSPUN Youth at a protest
SPUN Youth at a protestSPUN Youth at a protest

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Fauna Flora Funga
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SPUN supports the Fauna Flora Fungi initative. Fungi have long supported and enriched life on our planet and can help address many urgent environmental problems. It is time for fungi to be recognized within legal conservation frameworks and protected on an equal footing with animals and plants. Learn more and add your name:

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Through our Underground Explorers Program, we collaborate with researchers and local communities to map mycorrhizal fungal networks.

Local researchers have the opportunity to apply for small grants to sample soil ecosystems for fungal DNA in underexplored regions across the world.

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