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Fungi support much of life on earth. SPUN is a scientific research organization founded to map mycorrhizal fungal communities and advocate for their protection.

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Through our Underground Explorers Program, we collaborate with researchers and local communities to map mycorrhizal fungal networks.

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SPUN joined researchers and local experts in Patagonia to ground-truth maps of predicted mycorrhizal fungal diversity.

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mapping MYCORRHIZAL networks

Together with GlobalFungi, Global Soil Mycobiome Consortium, the Crowther Lab, and researchers, SPUN is building a global database of mycorrhizal diversity. This will allow us to quantify biodiversity hot-spots and identify underground ecosystems of high conservation priority.

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SPUN published in Science magazine

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SPUN collaborates with scientists, NGOs, campaigners, and local communities to advocate for the inclusion of mycorrhizal fungal networks in conservation and climate agendas.

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Recording underground sounds in PatagoniaGround-truthing in Patagonia