SPUN associate

The SPUN Science Associates is a network that connects researchers focused on fungal and soil biodiversity. Our goal is to help current and emerging scientists self-organize around protecting underground ecosystems, including collaborating in global assessments, promoting fungal conservation, and building capacity for students and researchers from understudied regions.

To do this, we are building opportunities for continued involvement, such as:

  • Platforms to connect and collaborate with other scientists in our field
  • Connecting interns & students with research scientists and labs
  • Sharing your publications and research on SPUN platforms
  • Providing Science Associates with an active voice in SPUN’s work
  • Possibilities to collaborate on larger SPUN scientific projects


  • You're actively/currently conducting research
  • Your work is in the field of soil ecology preferably with a focus on mycorrhizal science
  • You're either a PhD candidate or hold a PhD; or you're working with students/researchers

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